Camponotus kiusiuensis

Arboreal (tree) species from the southwestern part of the Japanese island living most often in bamboo stands. For sale are queens with first workers and brood (egg, larva, pupa).



  • size 13 mm
  • black gloss body
  • dark red sturdy legs


  • size 8-11 mm
  • black gloss body
  • dark red sturdy legs


  • rather small insects, eg fruit flies, mosquitoes
  • honeydew

Other informations:

  • monogynous (1 queen in the nest)
  • this species build nests in bamboo stems
  • humidity in the range of 50-75% RH
  • nest temperature in the middle of the season up to 30° C
  • it is necessary to have a test tube with water in arena
  • twice a week is suitable to splash water on the wall of the arena
  • without hibernation, but the queen regenerates during the winter
  • like most arboreal species, this specie don't reach the large number of workers in the colony
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