Camponotus habereri

Endemic Camponotus with beautiful striped patterns on the gaster living only on the island of Taiwan. It is a wonderful species of ant with three unusual body colors: red, yellow and black. Queen size 15-16 mm, worker size 7-13 mm. Arboreal species preferring a drier  nest and a higher supply of honeydew/sugarwater.


A beautiful species native to the island of Taiwan.

 ✔ omnivorous, large ant

 ✔ easy breeding, suitable for beginners

 ✔ don't need to be hibernated

 ✔ characteristic striped coloration on the gaster

 ✔ queen size: 15-16 mm

 ✔ worker size: 7-13 mm

 ✔ from insects prefer cockroaches

 ✔ it is recommended to ensure a constant supply of honeydew, which they prefer like insects

In winter it is not recommended that the nest temperature does not fall below 15 ° C. The most suitable and natural nest for this species is a dry woody nest, but it is possible to successfully raise the colony in a drier ytong nest with more moisture levels (dry and wet part). Acrylic and 3D printed nests or open test tubes can be used.  

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